CJ Clifton

Building Contractor based in and around Banbury, North Oxfordshire

The construction process

Transparency and honesty is important for any trades-person worth their salt. Unscrupulous building contractors will try to avoid giving references or showing off their work, preferring instead to take the money and run.

This is the complete opposite of how Chris Clifton Ltd operates. We put as much information including photos (where clients agree) online here and on Facebook for potential clients to see. If you would like a closer look at any completed projects, give us a call and this can be arranged. If you’re going to invest in any sort of construction works, make sure you are happy with your chosen contractor! We have a growing number of testimonials on this website and many more satisfied customers over the years.

Here is a set of photos from another successful construction project, one which was recently praised by the householder. They show the whole process of building the extension.

[fbphotos id=205871649488499]

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